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Bathroom Remodeling and Design

Chicago is a unique old city with a variety of house styles and sizes. While newer houses have bathrooms of very practical sizes, sometimes more than one per floor, not many older homes can make one jealous with a bathroom size.

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Whether you are looking to turn your master bathroom into a spa-like bathroom resort or to simply get rid of this 60’s look and update the bathroom, install a sophisticated hi-tech shower or need an idea on how to make your small bathroom spacious, Augustyn bathroom remodeling company can provide you a custom design and remodeling services. Augustyn Construction Corporation has an extensive experience updating bathrooms in Chicago and North Shore.

Our design team of skilled professionals will provide you with a unique custom design for your bathroom utilizing latest technologies, quality materials and highly skilled workmanship. We can help you maximize the space, storage, create natural flow and increase usefulness of the space.

Putting a bathroom together is far more than just tiling floors and walls, connecting a tub/sink to water supply and throwing a few cabinets in. Careful planning of the bathroom, making a groundwork to accommodate proper plumbing, may highly affect the layout of it. Appropriate ventilation needs to be in place in order to prevent mold growth. Due to increasingly wet nature of any bathroom or a shower, electrical background of the bathroom has not only to be efficient, but also extremely safe.

We always make sure the structure can support the bathroom according to the planned bathroom layout. While it is easy to cut thru joists to accommodate every whim, it may also be extremely dangerous to weaken the underlying structure, and we always work with the customers to plan for a bathroom that meets their needs but is safe. We have on staff licensed electricians and plumbers, invite structural engineers to ensure your project is done correctly and conforms with the current building codes.

We do employ the best techniques and materials not only during the preparation phase, but also during finishing the space. The spectrum of bathroom renovation can range from simple shower reinstallation or lighting fixtures, updating or replacing an old bathtub to a complete bathroom rehab with new plumbing, re-tiling, installing sophisticated shower and Jacuzzi’s. We offer changing vanities, showers, shower doors, replacing bathtubs, fixing or replacing bathroom tiles and doors.

Our bathroom remodeling team can recommend you a wide selection of lighting fixtures, cabinets, shower designs and hard anti slippery surfaces that fit the need of the wet areas. Not only we help selecting them, we can deliver and install.


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