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Home Remodeling Services in Chicago

Our remodeling company offers Chicago homeowners the following services:

1Kitchen Remodeling: The major two factors — financial considerations and emotional impact play a huge role when considering a kitchen renovation project in Chicago. Personalized kitchen may serve as an owner's statement when it comes to deciding about the balance of those factors. Financially speaking, the kitchen renovation vs just a face lift offers the highest return on investment out of all areas in the home.

2Bathroom Remodeling: Whether it is a small bathroom or a large bathroom+shower area, bathroom renovations require creative and technical planning. Nothing in your house appeals to your guests more than a stylish practical bathroom. Whether it helps to accommodate a growing family or satisfy a unique taste, our knowledge of the bathroom fixtures and cabinets, plumbing and electrical aspects will help achieve your vision.

3Basement Remodeling: Creating a playroom or home office space in the basement is not just a simple task of putting drywall up. Keeping basement floor warm, walls dry and ceiling soundproof requires a painstaking planning and extensive knowledge. You have that extra space already built-in your house, no need in an expensive room addition, why not to utilize it to extend living space into it?

4Attic Remodeling: Add an extra bedroom for the in-laws or move your master bedroom upstairs, extend your living area above grade or just get closer to the stars. It is not necessarily that your attic is structurally prepared to support such an expansion. We know and have expertise how to make sure your attic does not end up in your dining room downstairs and will become a screening room, gym or even lofty meditation retreat.

5Painting and Decorating: Wear and tear will always follow our houses, fashion and trends would change every now and then but a fresh coat of paint can always come to rescue. Creating a room that sets our mood or just a neutral attire of the room can be done by repainting and re-decorating the room accordingly. From painting an exterior of your house, treating wooden decks with a coat of clear, transparent, and semi-transparent stains or even re-sealing your driveway are the jobs that need to be done once in a while. Do them professionally, they will last. Neglect them and it will come to haunt you later.

6Plastering: Yes, they did not have the drywall back in the years. But nothing would save "character" to an older house like plaster. Repairing plaster, fixing occasional holes or just re-plastering entire rooms requires skill and years of experience. Of course, if you intend to do it correctly. The stubborn hairline cracks in plaster, water damaged plaster, or major restorations can present a homeowner with a huge set of challenges.

We take pride in our greatest asset: our level craftsmanship and experience. We bring dedication of our employees to each project and the knowledge of things each one does creates a stable and healthy working environment. We listen to your needs and wants, discuss possibilities, present you with options for the ultimate goal to have you end up with exactly what you envisioned.

If you are planning on having a renovation but do not have a clear idea or what to start with and how to approach the project, let us know and we will come to the rescue. If you have completed design plans for remodeling, contact us today to schedule a meeting. Call us on the phone number above or use our online contact form. We will respond promptly to all inquiries.

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